All The Love

Is this all the love you can give me?

The most that your heart can afford?

You know that I love you

Do anything for you

Why can’t you give any more?

My head says to leave, find someone new

Someone who loves me the way I love you

My heart says to stay, never give up,

Go back each time to the one that I love

People tell me that I’m wrong, but they’re not me, how can they know?

I have no strength, I can’t break free, so strong the seal binds you to me.

It hurts a little less each time, each time you make me say Goodbye

Is it because deep down I know the feelings that you still deny?

Together we’re so very right, the way it’s meant to be

What do you think alone at night to make you turn from me?

If only you would let me in, let me share your life

Let me reach you, let me teach you, show you what is right.

It’s in your voice, it’s in your smile, I see it in your eyes

The things you do, the things we share, that’s how I know you truly care.

But caring isn’t love you say, you can’t give more, I shouldn’t stay

And yet you miss me when I go; just call me back, I’ll run to you

I know that you want me, your body can’t lie

It’s never been like this before, that much you can’t deny

But wanting isn’t needing and needing isn’t love

Love’s selfless not selfish

Tender and true

You don’t know what it’s like to love like I do.

Why ask me if I’ll wait for you? You know you needn’t ask

I’d wait until the end of time if I thought you might be mine

Don’t look at me that way, raise my hopes too much

Lead me on with words, burn me with your touch

And if this is all you can give me

The most that your heart can drag forth

I’ll take all the love

Whatever the cost

And live for the day you feel more. what there is

The little it is

It may not be much

It isn’t enough

But maybe one day you’ll feel more.

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