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I like to write about  women's lives and relationships, and am particularly interested in women's position in society, their role as wives and mothers, and the effects of marriage and divorce on family life.

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Short stories

"The Night of the Storm" is the first short story I have written and was based, in true Mary Shelley style, on a dream I had one night. When I woke up I scribbled down the bare bones of it immediately before it disappeared from my mind...        

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Ideas for poetry pop into my mind at the most unlikely times: when I’m driving, or doing something boring like the housework, or just before I go to sleep at night, thinking over what has happened during the day.    

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Recent Blogs

Waiting for the Break

February 26, 2018  |  No comment

Waiting for the break  I finished writing my sixth novel just after Christmas. Having self-published Counting the Days and Poppy’s Seed. I have decided this time to submit this latest one to agents and publishers. Like many writers I am waiting for that lucky break, that moment when someone decides my book is marketable. It’s a tough business nowadays: so many writers chasing so few opportunities. My sixth novel ‘I know you, don’t I?’ is slightly different from the others. I am still writing mainly for women and still interested in family dynamics, but this book is more of a mystery....
Feature in February edition of Somerset Living magazine

Ring out the old, ring in the new...
Ring out the old, ring in the new...  Is it too early...

The Mysterious Mr.Mitchell
The Mysterious Mr.Mitchell  Slade House was the first...