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I like to write about  women's lives and relationships, and am particularly interested in women's position in society, their role as wives and mothers, and the effects of marriage and divorce on family life.

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Short stories

"The Night of the Storm" is the first short story I have written and was based, in true Mary Shelley style, on a dream I had one night. When I woke up I scribbled down the bare bones of it immediately before it disappeared from my mind...        

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Ideas for poetry pop into my mind at the most unlikely times: when I'm driving, or doing something boring like the housework, or just before I go to sleep at night, thinking over what has happened during the day.

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All about Alys

August 6, 2014  |  No comment

  All about Alys, Review of "Alys, Always" by Harriet Lane You know when you start a book and you know instantly you’re going to love it? You wonder why you’ve never heard of it or the author. This was the feeling I had when I read the very first few lines. I just loved the style of writing: the first person, present tense give it an immediacy, but more importantly, the writer has that all-important asset in any writer a “voice”. Right from the start we see and hear everything that the heroine sees and hears, we can think her thoughts, we know her, yet there are things we don’t...
I like coffee, I like tea
  I like coffee, I like tea Can you remember...

Loving the Love
"Loving the Love" Review of “Love, etc” by Julian...

Rainy Days in The Lakes
Rainy Days in The Lakes   My husband has a very...