Child of my Heart

I dreamed last night Amelie came back to me.

She came running into my arms and I held her warm little body close to me and she laughed.

But she’ll never come back to me.

Child of my heart.


We had her at her best

A time of innocence

First steps, first words, so much to learn.


A time of love.

Of sunshine and laughter.

Of blue skies and daisy chains.

Of fairy forests and made-up tales.

Walks in the lane and splashing in the puddles.

Playing shops and dancing and swinging under the hazel tree.


Through her eyes the world became a magic place


We walked in the woods, she glimpsed the fairy’s wings

She played with my jewellery, she called them “lovely things”

The wood became a jungle

We voyaged far and wide

Our boat a washing basket, the grass the sea outside.


She never belonged to us, always on loan

No less the pain of parting

Sorrow like a stone


Time passes fast; she’ll grow and change

To me she stays the same

A fairy child of two years old

On whom I have no claim


I see her in the garden,  I hear her on the stairs

She peeks in through the window

Finds me unawares


The final time I saw her

I didn’t know it was the last

A kiss, a wave, and she was gone


Torn from me for all of time


And she’ll never come back to me

Child of my heart

















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