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“Out of Step”

A good book…, 15 Mar 2013 By WeeWelshman –

This review is from: Out Of Step (Kindle Edition)

Generally this would not be the sort of book that I would read however I fancied a change so I thought I would give it a go.

I can’t say that I liked many of the characters and felt that both the male and female characters were equally responsible for their situations they found themselves in, and on more then one occasion would just stick there heads in the sand and let the situation fester with out addressing it.

My only negative comment is that each couple’s scenario’s was basically the same and that as a couple they didn’t give each other any support. I would of liked to see at least one of the couples supporting each other and making decisions together on how they were going to address situations with the children and perhaps sitting down with the children to explain that certain behaviour and rudeness is just not acceptable.


By Annabel This review is from: Out Of Step (Kindle Edition)
This is a book about the problems of step-families and about the emotions left over from marriage. Most of the characters are less than loveable (I don’t mind that), particularly the men, but I still had to keep reading to find out what became of them all. A story told with sensitivity and insight. I enjoyed it.


4.0 out of 5 stars Out of Step Kindle edition 16 Mar 2013
By Angela
Not my usual choice of book but I found it very readable. Being of the generation, mentioned in the book, for whom divorce was not common I found it particularly interesting to see how the characters coped with the break up of their marriages and the formation of new relationships. The different reactions of the children affected was well reflected. Interestingly it was the widow who was the most independent and able to move on.


Draws you in,30 Mar 2013    By : sussexpearl  This review is from: Out Of Step (Kindle Edition)

I read the book on the recommendation of a relative. I was a bit dubious as it is not my usual genre. It is however eloquently written and the author has not made the mistake of dating her book by throwing in unnecessary references to current songs, pop bands or TV programs as some other modern authors do. The story flows smoothly and the character development is good. It unravels the complex nature of modern relationships and the ripple effect they have on family life. I became quite hooked, eventually having to sit down for a long reading session to finish it. However the last chapters seemed a bit rushed and I was quite disappointed with the abrupt ending, feeling somewhat left up in the air. Was this intentional? Is there to be a sequel?


Out of step,May 22, 2013 By LJ

This review is from: Out Of Step (Kindle Edition)

I stumbled on this book quite by accident. The title sounded interesting and I like books that deal with relationships so although I had never heard of the author I thought I would give it a try. Once I’d started reading it I was hooked. The author writes with an easy fluidity. It doesn’t feel like “writing”, more like you’re actually experiencing the action. The characters are well drawn: none of them is perfect, they make mistakes like we all do, and go on making them. The subject matter (divorce and step-families) is well handled and, like many women nowadays, I could relate to it. A thoroughly good read. I highly recommend it.

Review of Out of Step from Goodreads, April 21, 2013

Grace J rated it: it was amazing

 Without giving away any spoilers, this is essentially a book of three women entwined by relationships …marriage, separation, divorce. It gives an insight into the realities of moving on to a new partner and how the dream turns into reality. Excellent writing and wonderful characters … one of those books that you never want to end. Heartily recommend to readers of contemporary womens’ fiction.


“Out of Step”

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